Competitive Paddle Boarding – A Total Blast!

competitive sup

Have you ever wanted to get into a sport that anyone could join into at just about any age? Do you enjoy the swimming, surfing or just being in the water in general? For any water sports enthusiast, there’s competitive paddle boarding. While this isn’t exactly the largest talked about or known sport out there, competitive paddle boarding has been on the rise in popularity since the early 2000s when professional surfers started using the sport as a means of exercise when the waters were too calm to surf.

competitive sup

Anyone Can Do It – EVEN YOU!

If you’ve never picked up a surfboard before, you’ve never paddled or don’t even have a lot of experience in the water, you don’t need to worry! There are locations all around the world that teach inexpensive lessons on getting your toes wet with your first paddle board. Paddle boarding may have a competitive sport but it’s a very relaxing and calm activity while getting a full workout. You really won’t feel the burn like most other workouts.

How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost?

There’s a lot of different paddle boards out there and most of them will come at 10 and a half feet. Also, a lot of them offer a stand up bundle which has the paddles included in the set so you don’t need to buy them separately. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,100 depending on the brand you go with, the size, the weight and the material used. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are known to be cheaper than the counterparts.

For children, there are also smaller stand up paddle boards that can be as cheap as $250 (some of these can also be used by adults as well).

The Competitive Scene

While stand up paddle boarding (SUP) may seem rather simple, there’s a lot of different competitions and aspects that go into the competitive scene. You have the surfing competition, the racing technical, the racing distance, the racing distance and the paddle board racing technical competitions. These competitions are held by the ISA which can be found at

There’s usually two days of events and these events are held in various locations around the world. They can be in various lakes, rivers or even oceans. First, you’ll have the typical distance race that can be anywhere from a few to over 30 miles. The average competitive SUP racer can complete this in 4 to 7 hours. Then, you’ll have your sprint race competition which can be anywhere from 2 to 5 miles. Be warned, things can get a bit ugly during this phase of the competition.

Especially when you’re out in the open waters and there’s a lot of sharp turns, it’s not uncommon for people to have some friendly man to man combat in order to gain an edge over their competition. One of the most unique things about SUP competitive is that the winner has to earn a mark in every aspect of the two day event. They can’t specialize in just one specific area of any event, they have to win them all.

Stand up paddle boarding is a booming sport with over a million people trying it every single year since 2010. The scene doesn’t look like it’s going to be dying down anytime soon and it’s an easy to learn sport for the beginners.

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