Going Camping by the Lake with My Kids!

Camping With the Family!
Camping With the Family!

So the school holidays are here, and we are preparing to going on our yearly camp trip. This year we decided to go camping by the Lake with the kids. So I get my checklist out and began to tick it off. After ticking everything off, I double check the important things that I normally forget to take care of on camping trips.

I make sure that I have our favorite bug spray, that doesn’t smell, and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions to the kids.

The next thing is to check all the blow up mattresses to make sure that they are not faulty.I had left them blown up overnight, and now I have to make sure that they are still firm! Last time we went on a camping trip, I forgot to check them and when we arrived at the site, we woke up on a flat mattress! So we weren’t going to make the same mistake twice! I also made sure that I had pre-boiled lots of pasta and packed it in a lunchbox.I also cut plenty of chicken into cubes, and packed some meatballs too. This time we didn’t forget to pack our hammock that we always use to relax in the sun and enjoy a lovely book whilst watching the kids play.

The next thing was to deal with those pesky raccoons that cause so much havoc if not taken care of. So I made a spray can of cayenne pepper and mixed it with water because this mixture keeps them away. I also packed several bottles of water to use as ice packs, which is a very convenient way of keeping things cool, because even if the ice melts, the water will still be drinkable. Last but not least, I made sure I had packed a few clear shoe racks. These always come in handy in organizing the small things, like the toothpaste, toothbrushes, plastic cups, sunscreen, toiletries and anything really! Now we are all packed up and ready to go. It’s a long drive but we make it in one piece. This is largely due to the fact that my son loves the binoculars we got him.

The binoculars keep him busy throughout the long drive, and we don’t have as many tantrums as in the past. He really likes to look at wisconsin fast plants because we told him that this plant is one of the fastest growing in the world, he was amazed! As soon as we get there, we quickly find the best spot for us, bearing in mind all the camping tips we had learn in previous trips. We find a piece of level ground, and make sure that it’s dry and slightly elevated. We then scan the surrounding area and make sure that there is no poison ivy, or a beehive anywhere close by.

We also check that there are no anthills as ants can be a nightmare especially when you are out doors camping. Now it’s time to unpack. We let the kids help out in the small way that they can, and make setting up the tents fun and exciting for them. Of course my son cannot let go of the binoculars we bought for him, so he helps us out in between moments of “ooos” and “aaaaaas” as he looks around the camp site through them. One hour later, and all is set. It’s time to get into our bathing suits and take a leap into the lake. Let the games begin!

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